Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Well, what do we have here ...

While we wait for that tour report we got some unreleased and rare photos to share ...let's see

Junk messiah is
in town,army is ready

No comment

Same asshole,different shit :D

The Snake is angry
and it's trying to
cut his finger

Now he is happy
beacuse he can
play in the van and
dream about
driving Cola truck

Interesting photo :D

Again he plays
in car but this time
his dream is
about getting one
some day to drive
around Dugave
and listen loud music

And after all that
dreaming he bought a tank
beacuse they were shooting
on his area and Travno and
he want's to be ready next time.


Looks like somebody
needed help in the bush
Why?For What?
You'll never find out


  1. ahahahahaha! look at the straight edge cowboys preparing for a war with drunks and stoners, ahahahahahaha!

  2. Dogs that bark don't bite! Yadda yadda yadda yawn yawn yawn and a big ass LOL :p (The Count)

  3. oh my godness, the almighty Count Klopnack has spoken, noooooooo way dude!!! ahahahahaha!

  4. And not only has he spoken, he also sucked a beautiful lemon today!

  5. e, taj divni pank diznilend... (reče ona s natečenim pogledom kroz rešetke) :) kad će opet neko sunce i te fore :)

    btw, priča se okolo da je iosc umro, netko ga nije dugo zalio :)

  6. a jebote kad ja skužim tek komentar! kao prvo, nije mi iosc trenutno najbitnija stvar u životu pa ga radim bez neke žurbe a drugo, kako bi IOSC mogao umrijeti kad je trenutno jedan od rijetkih hc/punk fanzina (ako ne i jedini?) na ovim prostorima, pa ono, neki/e fanzinaši/ce bi se trebali/e zapitati, jel... IOSC će biti gotov nekad u veljači 2011.-e, možda baš na valentinovo,hahaha! Love it to death!

  7. e, kaj da ti kažem... čakovec! :)))