Friday, July 30, 2010

It`s BANDANA time!!!

It`s definitely bandana time!!!

Wow! From last post about xVCx you have no idea how much respondence I`ve got from die hard Vaseline Children fans! I mean, my mail box was fuckin`n full with letters! Yeah, I mean the real letters because die hard xVCx fans refuse to use internet because they are real punk rockers and some really mean motherfuckers!!! Anyway, one of the most asked questions from die hard xVCx fans was like: "Hey Snake, how many bandanas were there? How many bandanas did you use during playing with Vaseline Children!?!" And I`m looking at these letters and I`m like, are these kids serious, whatta fuck!?! But, why to keep all these questions unanswered, why not tell the whole bandana xVCx story to all xVCx fans!?!

So, first what you must know is this: I have never played not one single Vaseline Children gig/show without a bandana on my head, OK!?! Got it?! Not one single show! And preatty much the same goes for xVCx rehersals, maybe on few early rehersals I didn`t have bandana, I`m not sure, but the rest of the rehersals were done with bandana all the way. If somewhere you see a picture of me playing without a bandana or with a bandana hanging around my neck, that is not Vaseline Children, that`s probably Evazija or some other bands where I have played, OK!?! If some kid wants to trade with you for xVCx score cards and if he/she`s offering you some The Snake on drums card and is telling you something like: "Hey dude, look at this rare Snake card playing with xVCx but without bandana, wanna trade!?", don`t buy it! It`s a bogus card and it`s a fuckin` bootleg, OK!?! So, I think we`re clear, now that I`ve said it. Next important thing you have to know is that in whole Vaseline Children existing, there were four bandanas that I`ve been using. And I`ll discuss each of them.

The first bandana. On this picture you can see me playing with the first bandana that I`ve used for the first 9 Vaseline Children gigs (from 06th May 2006. to 20th September 2006.). This photo is from our 6th gig in Zagreb, Croatia on 07th July 2006. We were playing in front yard of the "Green Action" activists, it was some benefit show and later police close down the show. Punk rock! Actually on this photo I`m sort of screaming and looking somewhere at the sky so it`s definitely more suitable for some good black metal photo, but nevermind that... And if you`re wondering where is the floor tom (iliti indijaner na balkanskom :)), well, for some reason on that night this floor tom was getting on my nerves and I just removed it and played whole gig without it. Anyway, this first bandana wasn`t mine originally, the infamous Tucman brothers gave me the bandana and I played few times with this bandana while I was still playing in Lasting Values (2000. - 2005.) including the infamous show that we played with Hatebreed (haha, no kidding!) in "Metelkova", in Ljubljana, Slovenia somewhere in 2004. So, this was clasic Mike Muir blue bandana and it suited me just well and xVCx played some furious gigs during this bandana but still nothing tremendous happened concerning the gigs during this bandana. Then I lost it after playing with Theysuck! in "Leglo", Novo Mesto, Slovenia at the end of September of 2006. And that was the end of the first xVCx bandana.

With the second xVCx black bandana things started to hook up! I don`t know but often I think of this bandana as something special, it wasn`t just the ordinary bandana. I mean, this bandana was black (you know, black magic, black metal, black sabbath, black flag...) and I definitely looked more mean, angry and vicious with this bandana. I mean, I wasn`t just looked that way, I really felt vicious and angry when I played with this bandana. Some most furious and some of the best xVCx gigs were played with this bandana and I don`t think that is a coincidence! This bandana was something special, no doubt about it!!! With the black bandana I played 17 Vaseline Children gigs (from 30th September 2006. to 07th July 2007.). This photo is from a show in "Monte Paradiso" club in Pula, Croatia on 02nd November 2006. This was a third year of a Anti-FA festival in Pula and we played first day but stayed whole weekend on festival and had a blast mostly hanging with our dearest friends from Rijeka! I must mention that this bandana also wasn`t mine, but from my sister Mirna (also known as HC Mirna, Mirnosica, Mirna Ubij Me! and she sang in Evazija) but she had other bandanas in the stock for herself so it was cool. Then later, Mirna gave this bandana to Kupa who sang for Mladina Kina and he wore this bandana on Vaseline Children/Mladina Kina - "Never Gonna Shut Up!" European tour in August of 2007. And I must say that when Kupa had this bandana, his performances with Mladina Kina were fuckin` furious and with that bandana MK had some of the best gigs, no shit!!! I think he wore this bandana later on Balkan tour in April/May 2008. and lost it somewhere in Serbia or Romania, I`m not sure... But I`m sure that today this black bandana is probably floathing high in the clouds of Transylvania waiting for another suitable person to fit in and to play and destroy! And yes, this photo is sooouuuuu hardcoreeee dude!!! :)

So, the third bandna! Since Kupa was using the black bandana at the time, again Mirna borrowed me this blue smaller bandana that was hers or her friends bandana, I`m not really sure. So, this bandana didn`t look nothing special or aything like that but it suited me just fine and with that bandana Vaseline Children played some preatty cool furious gigs and some fun gigs. With the third bandana I played only on Vaseline Children/Mladina Kina tour which happened from 17th August 2007. to 29th August 2007. and included 13 gigs/shows in Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Czech and Germany. This tour was some of the best times of our lives (both VC and MK) so I`ll remember this bandana with a smile on my face. This photo is from a gig in practice place of Nervous Breakdown guys in Munster, Germany on 25th August 2007. It was a weird show because very little people came and we played with two Italian gore grind bands that were just horrible and they were just you know, weird Italian dudes that are into gore grind, whatta fuck!?! As for the photo, actually, if you`re thinking that is me The Snake on the photo, you`re wrong! That is actually Arnold Swarceneger! He happened to be visiting Munster at the time (probably because of some government stuff, who knows?) and we met him while he was joging in his home made Black Flag shirt and we just asked him out of the blue: "Hey Arnie! Will you come to our show, we`re playing tonight with some creepy bastards from Italy and we would like to kick their asses!" He was like: "Yeah sure, hasta la vista baby!" We didn`t think that Arnie would really show up, but he did after all and we were so happy, escpecially when he kicked some butts of those weird Italian dudes, haha! So, during the VC gig, we invited him to play a Nervous Breakdown song from Black Flag with us and he immediately jumped (like in Commando!) and sat behind the drums and just kicked the fuckin` drums! We were all like, yeah, way to go Arnie!!! That was really cool!

And we finnaly came to the fourth and the last Vaseline Children bandana!!! (now imagine that sound from The Lord Of The Rings when the riders of Rohan are approaching and are getting ready to run over and smash the Orcs :)) The fourth bandana lasted in xVCx on 29 gigs/shows (from 22nd October 2007. to 20th September 2008. which was the last VC show!). This was first bandana that was really mine. I bought it (on flea market (Hrelić represent :)) for 5 kunas which is less than 1 euro!), I cherished it and I`m still having it and proudly wearing it being playing with bands, riding a bike or just randomly posing with the bandana. This bandana is same like that first one, a clasic blue Mike Muir bandana but this one is much better quality than that first. With this fourth bandana, Vaseline Children played some really cool gigs but then some also not that cool gigs (mostly some of our last shows on our European tour with Fx Px Ox in September 2008.) but still, this bandana suited me (and it still does!) really cool and as I`ve said, some awesome gigs were played with this bandana. And not just xVCx gigs but also gigs that I`ve played with Evazija, Leid, What They Fear, M & G and all gigs with Junk Messiah. I will probably continue to play with this bandana untill I fuckin` die, of course if I don`t loose it, heh. This photo is from a gig we played in "MC" Brežice, Slovenia on 08th March 2008. Also Evazija, Final Approach, Growing Rats and Mladina Kina played that night. It was suposed to be a fun hc/punk gathering but the show turned out almost into a few fights and there were a lot of tension in the air during the gig (especially when Evazija and Mladina Kina played). Well, some rednecks, metalheads and drunk mall punx were being stupid and violent in the pit and were shouting some sexist bullshit so some of us almost got in a few fights during the gig. Now, as I think about it, I regret that we didn`t kicked their asses in the end, but what a heck, it was interesting show after all, haha! And few more things about this photo. Look at the poster above me with some metalheads on it. One of them have Dimmu Borgir shirt, whatta fuck, how lame is that!?! If i knew that when I was playing this gig, I would like, tear this poster apart and with an evil look in my eyes and with a demon voice shout something like: "That is not true Norwegian black metal!" But even without that I was preatty much pissed on this gig. Oh, those sweet memories.

Well, that`s it! I hope you enjoyed reading the whole Vaseline Children bandana story. If you didn`t, then you`re not the die hard Vaseline Children fan and we don`t want you for xVCx army! And one more thing, what`s the deal with the Black Flag bars shirt on all the photos, i`m not really sure...
I am... The Snake

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It`s VASELINE time!!!

OK, it`s Vaseline Children time! Why, you ask!?! Why Vaseline Children on Junk Messiah blog? Well, except that Mr. Zhabla and yours truly The Snake were also playing in Vaseline Children during 2005. - 2008. (anno domini) I thought that maybe it`s not a bad idea to post some Vaseline Children mumbo jumbo crap so that some of you might start to take more notice to this blog and maybe even get us some gigs that we are still missing to complete our tour. Because, let me tell you, Vaseline Children were popular as hell! I mean, we were milionares, we had like tons of girls, booze and drugs and rock and roll was our life in those times! Except that we were straight edge so there weren`t actually a lot of girls, booze, drugs or even r`n`r after all. But, anyway, we were the shit! Vaseline Children was the real deal, sucka!!! But really, the reason posting this is because I`m working on a IOSC (or International Old School Conspiracy) fanzine issue that will be a tribute to Vaseline Children. If you don`t know what is a fanzine, well... Fanzine is a sort of ancient scripture that has written stuff on real PAPER (for real!!!)!!! And fanzines were dominating media in hc/punk world long before all of this internet got out of control. Today there are not that many zines and that`s mostly because most of the hc/punks became fashion victims and just lazy apathetic assholes and they decided that zines are thing of the past and that we should turn to modern age of yeah!!! Anyway, let`s get back to the point of this post! So, I`m doing this Vaseline Children tribute IOSC issue and I want you to participate! If you ever had any experience regarding Vaseline Children, like, you fell in love during Vaseline Children gig or you realized the meaning of life while listening Vaseline Children 7 ˝ EP... I need your columns and stories concerning Vaseline Children, VC reviews and gig reports, VC photos, VC flyers, video and audio recordings of any kind (for my personal collection, not the zine :))... If you think that you can help with this project, write me on: and I will be very greatful to have you involved in this project! This VC tribute issue will be thick as hell and it will cost more than usual IOSC issue but that`s just because it will have many pages of VC saga. I`m still not sure if I should maybe print this VC issue because it is a huge project and I want it to come out right. But then again, maybe I`ll photocopy it after all, it all depends on the circumstances. So, that`s preatty much it what I wanted to say about this VC project, so feel free to join the making of IOSC VC tribute issue!!!
The Snake The Swan
PS - I za kraj, za balkanske seljake i seljačice... Znači, ovo sve vrijedi i za tebe, ako misliš da trebaš i ako želiš sudjelovati u ovom projektu, bit ću ti jako zahvalan ako se odazoveš i doprineseš ovom projektu, hvala! Ali, to nije sve što sam htio reći, ono što sam još htio reći za ekipu sa Balkana, ostalo mi je par Vaseline Children seven inčera pa ako nekoga zanima, neka se javi. Cijena je 4 eura, pa ti preračunaj to u kune jer se meni ne da, haha! Eto... Snejkijana

And now, some xVCx pictures in your face!!!

First Vaseline Children gig in "Leglo", Novo Mesto, Slovenia, 06th May 2006. Kiki is missing on the photo, sorry! :)

Hey, Matt!!!

xVCx gig with The Truth Of XXX in "Big Rock Mamma", Rijeka, Croatia, 25th November 2006.

xVCx crowd in Rijeka

Felix (of The Truth Of XXX) the edge breaker :) and The Snake chilling after the gig

Cane going off in "MC" Postojna, Slovenia on 12th January 2008.

Zhbla and Gajo tearing it up in Postojna (12th January 2008.)

I`m your Kiki town, I`m your Kiki town, I`m your Kiki, Kiki, Kiki, Kiki, Kiki town! :) Postojna 12th January 2008.

The infamous Vaseline Children having a breakfast at Tada`s place in Dravograd, Slovenia, 19th August 2007.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Junk Messiah The Path Of The Snake Tour

OK, here are the dates!!! But, as you can see, some dates are still not confirmed and if you can help us in any way, let us know and we`ll be very greatful!!! Write us on: or The Snake e-mail:
Thanx to all people who helped us so far and to the ones who`ll help us with the rest of the dates, thanx thanx thanx d tenks! More updates soon!!!
Yours truly The Snake The Swan

28. 08. Postojna, Slovenia
29. 08. Linz, Austria - not confirmed yet
30. 08. Vienn, Austria
31. 08. ???, Czech or Poland - not confirmed yet
01. 09. Ruda Slaska, Poland
02. 09. Lublin, Poland
03. 09. Eisenberg, Germany
04. 09. Hannover, Germany
05. 09. Bielefeld, Germany
06. 09. Berlin, Germany
07. 09. Mulheim, Germany
08. 09. Amsterdam, Holland
09. 09. Rouen or Lille, France
10. 09. Paris or some other town, France
11. 09. Nancy, France
12. 09. Dijon, France
13. 09. Saint Etienne, France
14. 09. Leipzig, Germany
15. 09. Mainz, Germany
16. 09. ???, Germany or Austria- not confirmed yet
17. 09. Krsko, Slovenia
18. 09. Zagreb, Croatia

Monday, July 19, 2010


so what do you say about that crazy gajo, full with positivity, quoting youth crew bands 'n' shit...i think the heat wawe fucked his head up...keep it cool people,
drink lots of liquidy, wet, drinking stuff and dont forget the strugle dont forget the sun cream...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things Start Moving!

OK, since the last post, some things concerning our tour dates started finnaly to change in a positive direction! This happened thanx to our friends Edgar Stredgar and Michal from Poland, we got to know both of them in 2008. on Vaseline Children/FxPxOx European tour ("Those days, those fuckin` days"...). We`re still missing few dates but those will be solved soon, at least I believe so and I`m positive about it ("But that`s me, the way I live! My outlook on life is positive!")! So, if there`s any justice in this materialistic doomed world, next post will be Junk Messiah tour dates, so keep your fingers crossed! Enjoy in the hot summer days and don`t forget the struggle, don`t forget the streets, hahahaha!
The Snake
"Things start moving, like they never did before..."

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What`s up with the Junk Messiah tour?

OK, since some people asked me this question in few last days "what`s up with the tour?" I decided to write few words about it... We still haven`t booked whole tour, some dates are still in the air, people are not responding and bla, bla, bla... But, we`re working on it and as soon as the tour will be at least close to done, we`ll post the tour dates and I know you`ll be happy to fly on eagles from wherever you live to see one of our gig, ha ha ha! Or better, if you maybe think that you can help us with the tour, write us on: or my personal e-mail: and we`ll be very greatfull for your humble help! So, untill then, I hope you`re well and that you`re still walking the path of the Snake!
Yours truly The Snake