Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What`s up with the Junk Messiah tour?

OK, since some people asked me this question in few last days "what`s up with the tour?" I decided to write few words about it... We still haven`t booked whole tour, some dates are still in the air, people are not responding and bla, bla, bla... But, we`re working on it and as soon as the tour will be at least close to done, we`ll post the tour dates and I know you`ll be happy to fly on eagles from wherever you live to see one of our gig, ha ha ha! Or better, if you maybe think that you can help us with the tour, write us on: or my personal e-mail: and we`ll be very greatfull for your humble help! So, untill then, I hope you`re well and that you`re still walking the path of the Snake!
Yours truly The Snake

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