Thursday, July 29, 2010

It`s VASELINE time!!!

OK, it`s Vaseline Children time! Why, you ask!?! Why Vaseline Children on Junk Messiah blog? Well, except that Mr. Zhabla and yours truly The Snake were also playing in Vaseline Children during 2005. - 2008. (anno domini) I thought that maybe it`s not a bad idea to post some Vaseline Children mumbo jumbo crap so that some of you might start to take more notice to this blog and maybe even get us some gigs that we are still missing to complete our tour. Because, let me tell you, Vaseline Children were popular as hell! I mean, we were milionares, we had like tons of girls, booze and drugs and rock and roll was our life in those times! Except that we were straight edge so there weren`t actually a lot of girls, booze, drugs or even r`n`r after all. But, anyway, we were the shit! Vaseline Children was the real deal, sucka!!! But really, the reason posting this is because I`m working on a IOSC (or International Old School Conspiracy) fanzine issue that will be a tribute to Vaseline Children. If you don`t know what is a fanzine, well... Fanzine is a sort of ancient scripture that has written stuff on real PAPER (for real!!!)!!! And fanzines were dominating media in hc/punk world long before all of this internet got out of control. Today there are not that many zines and that`s mostly because most of the hc/punks became fashion victims and just lazy apathetic assholes and they decided that zines are thing of the past and that we should turn to modern age of yeah!!! Anyway, let`s get back to the point of this post! So, I`m doing this Vaseline Children tribute IOSC issue and I want you to participate! If you ever had any experience regarding Vaseline Children, like, you fell in love during Vaseline Children gig or you realized the meaning of life while listening Vaseline Children 7 ˝ EP... I need your columns and stories concerning Vaseline Children, VC reviews and gig reports, VC photos, VC flyers, video and audio recordings of any kind (for my personal collection, not the zine :))... If you think that you can help with this project, write me on: and I will be very greatful to have you involved in this project! This VC tribute issue will be thick as hell and it will cost more than usual IOSC issue but that`s just because it will have many pages of VC saga. I`m still not sure if I should maybe print this VC issue because it is a huge project and I want it to come out right. But then again, maybe I`ll photocopy it after all, it all depends on the circumstances. So, that`s preatty much it what I wanted to say about this VC project, so feel free to join the making of IOSC VC tribute issue!!!
The Snake The Swan
PS - I za kraj, za balkanske seljake i seljačice... Znači, ovo sve vrijedi i za tebe, ako misliš da trebaš i ako želiš sudjelovati u ovom projektu, bit ću ti jako zahvalan ako se odazoveš i doprineseš ovom projektu, hvala! Ali, to nije sve što sam htio reći, ono što sam još htio reći za ekipu sa Balkana, ostalo mi je par Vaseline Children seven inčera pa ako nekoga zanima, neka se javi. Cijena je 4 eura, pa ti preračunaj to u kune jer se meni ne da, haha! Eto... Snejkijana

And now, some xVCx pictures in your face!!!

First Vaseline Children gig in "Leglo", Novo Mesto, Slovenia, 06th May 2006. Kiki is missing on the photo, sorry! :)

Hey, Matt!!!

xVCx gig with The Truth Of XXX in "Big Rock Mamma", Rijeka, Croatia, 25th November 2006.

xVCx crowd in Rijeka

Felix (of The Truth Of XXX) the edge breaker :) and The Snake chilling after the gig

Cane going off in "MC" Postojna, Slovenia on 12th January 2008.

Zhbla and Gajo tearing it up in Postojna (12th January 2008.)

I`m your Kiki town, I`m your Kiki town, I`m your Kiki, Kiki, Kiki, Kiki, Kiki town! :) Postojna 12th January 2008.

The infamous Vaseline Children having a breakfast at Tada`s place in Dravograd, Slovenia, 19th August 2007.

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