Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things Start Moving!

OK, since the last post, some things concerning our tour dates started finnaly to change in a positive direction! This happened thanx to our friends Edgar Stredgar and Michal from Poland, we got to know both of them in 2008. on Vaseline Children/FxPxOx European tour ("Those days, those fuckin` days"...). We`re still missing few dates but those will be solved soon, at least I believe so and I`m positive about it ("But that`s me, the way I live! My outlook on life is positive!")! So, if there`s any justice in this materialistic doomed world, next post will be Junk Messiah tour dates, so keep your fingers crossed! Enjoy in the hot summer days and don`t forget the struggle, don`t forget the streets, hahahaha!
The Snake
"Things start moving, like they never did before..."

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